Our Products


Take Your School to the Next Level. The digital era is transforming the educational landscape. Learning is more technology-based, preparing students to successfully compete in a globalized world. Our eSchool System enables educational institutions to streamline processes and digitize all teaching – learning processes. Walia’s eSchool helps all sorts of educational institutes to modernize education through online classrooms, virtual labs, immersive learning, and technologies along with automating their administration processes.


Now is the time to make way for eDMS (Electronics Document Management System). The days of filing cabinets and paper documents are over. Walia Technologies PLC offers fit-to-purpose solutions to meet the requirements placed by authorities on organizing and managing records that improve efficiency and enable organizations to correctly implement regulatory requirements. Our eDMS allows automation that guarantees more efficient and transparent business processes via its sophisticated encryption.


A system for patient records, financial, and administrative data for Medical Centers. Telemedicine and e-health are changing the world of healthcare. The industry is highly regulated and there are stringent requirements for dealing with and storing sensitive patient data. Our eMedical System offers Appointment Scheduling. Billing. Communication. Cumulative Patient Profile. Document Management. Electronic Medical Records. Encounters and Progress Notes. Financial Controller. Laboratory Results. Medication and Prescriptions. Patient Health Records. The system can be used for one Service Provider (Hospital, Pharmacy etc.) or can be used by the Ministry of Health to integrate all Health Providers, Patients, Insurance companies etc. in one centralized system.


Our eService System improves efficiency and enable organizations to correctly implement regulatory requirements. As Walia Technologies, we strongly believe that we have the effective solution and capabilities to implement to the selected government agencies. Our eService solution will address the requirements, needs and challenges of the platform and is the ideal business software for transparent, streamlined processes in all your departments. Offering digital, revision-controlled filing, the system is home to living documents within an intelligent system.


We offer ideal Smart Water Metering System solutions. The system includes water meters, supervision software and network management systems etc. Our Smart Water Meter System will create a two way communication between the customer and the utility company, thereby benefiting from accurate billing, elimination of “no read” occasions and costs associated with it, anti-tampering features, leak detection, increased revenue and reduction in losses and wastage.